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  • Sun

    8-Count Swing Intensive


    Dance Manhattan 39 West 19th Street 5th floor

    Paolo & Lauren - Dip Deluxe

    Paolo & Lauren - Dip Deluxe

    Learn the Swingout, Charlestons & Great Variations! For those who want to learn or brush up on the technique for 8-count Swingouts and Charlestons. This one-day, three hour course, taught by two award-winning instructors, will focus on teaching and perfecting these two Lindy Hop mainstays and introducing a few variations.

    Instructors Catrine Ljunggren and Paolo Pasta Lanna

    An excellent way to take your dancing to the next level and/or fine tune your 8ct. Students taking this class should have a prior familiarity with all basic 6 count elements of the dance .
    $30 in advance by the previous Friday;
    $35 Standard Pricing.
    No Refunds; No Exchanges