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ADHD Diagnosis Viewpoint

My viewpoint on ADHD and the current trend of labelling and medicating.  This might spark some criticism and certainly some replies but I feel compelled to say my view on ADHD. Without a doubt, I would have been labeled with this disorder had it been invented in the 1970s. Fortunately for me, I was just

Juice Fast Results

Here I am about 30 days after my second Juice Fast of 2018. I’m Down to prize fighter weight for my height and feeling Tip Top. It hasn’t been easy and it’s taken restraint, discipline, and immense dedication. More to it than just eating right and exercising. You have to develop routines, stay positive in


Hi Friends, Just checking in with a new update on my June Juice Fasting. This photo contains everything I’ve been Juicing/drinking since the start of my second Juice Fast of the month. That’s right, Second Juice Fast in less than 30 days. I decided immediately after my 8 day Juice Fast concluded, back on June

Jammin’ Juice Fast

Yes folks, I’m back doing another juice fast. It’s been a while since my last one July 2016. (see previous Lindy Juice Fast here)  But I’m pleased to finally clear some space in my calendar and focus on this. As a lifetime dancer, athlete and overall fitness nut, I’m always looking to share health benefits

The Italian Alps | Sestriere, Italy

The site of the 2006 Winter Olympics is one of the most spectacular ski resorts in the world. So much fun and so little time. And Yes, there‘s really a HOTEL SAVOY and Yes, I’m back to ski racing as you can see! In questa foto, la linea Uovavia (Cabinovia) in vista, e siamo in

Deadly Deception by Gary Null

Deadly Deception, Exposing the Dangers of Vaccines, a film by Gary Null   There’s a lot of information in this documentary and it might be the best yet to come out of the brain child company of Gary Null. I’ve known about all this for over 25 years, but it’s stuff you just won’t hear

Dehydrated Treats

What did I do on New Year’s Eve? Made Dehydrated Beets & Sweet Potato chips of course. Here’s the photos before and after. Ecco a un buonissimo, gustoso capodanno             Peel and slice sweet potatoes & beets as thinly as possible with a sharp knife or mandoline. Combine the sliced veggies, water, apple

Gary Null Show

This radio show is extraordinary and always enlightening. This wednesday’s episode (DEC 27th) tackles & discusses Statin Therapy, addresses the Cholesterol myths & misconceptions and examines how the main stream media is used as a propaganda tool for the industries that profit from our sick care. Click on DEC 27th show From prescription drugs & surgical

LIVE on stage with The Jive Aces Sometimes things just fall in your laps and sometimes things are a result of doing proactive things that open the doors for potential opportunities. This show was the result of one of those proactive moments. Here is a clip from one of our recently featured moments with The Jive Aces from England! This show was

San Sebastian Jazz Festival

Paolo & Laurentina performed on stage with RAY GELATO at the world class San Sebastian Jazz Festival in SPAIN. It was a great honor and thrill to be part of this renowned jazz festival.