Gary Null Show

This radio show is extraordinary and always enlightening. This wednesday’s episode (DEC 27th) tackles & discusses Statin Therapy, addresses the Cholesterol myths & misconceptions and examines how the main stream media is used as a propaganda tool for the industries that profit from our sick care.
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From prescription drugs & surgical procedures to radiation therapies & chemotherapies & vaccinations,, these treatments represent a billion dollar sick care market driven heavily by greed often by exploiting our fears of illness and death. 

“By exploiting our fear of disease and death, pharmaceutical companies have redefined mild problems and common complaints to serious illness and medical conditions requiring drug treatments …”

The National Healthcare Debate
Greed, Fear of Death, and a Vermont alternative
by Thomas Naylor 2009

Side effects of these therapies are rarely discussed on main stream media and how they are often more dangerous than the maladies themselves.