Hi Friends,

Just checking in with a new update on my June Juice Fasting.

This photo contains everything I’ve been Juicing/drinking since the start of my second Juice Fast of the month. That’s right, Second Juice Fast in less than 30 days. I decided immediately after my 8 day Juice Fast concluded, back on June 8th, that I didn’t achieve all I wanted. There was more cleansing needed to repair a possible problem pathogen in my digestive system, there was a little more reduction in fat that I wanted and the timing was right with all the events I have upcoming in July. So, thus, here I am at day 6 of JUICE FAST #2 and feeling fantastic!

I’m at a Welterweight prize fighter weight which is about 5-10 lbs lighter than I was my Senior year in High School. So all things point to a successful run.



What I’m feeling today is more philosophical than physical. Physically I’m still feeling pretty great. But mentally, I’m feeling greatly concerned for our world and our planet.

From smaller issues like
How much food is wasted everyday especially in our food service industries.

And how much we all over eat. It’s really quite alarming how overweight and obese our society is today.

To much bigger issues like –

How much our planet is heating up and it’s only going to get hotter. .

How the Meat & Dairy industry as a whole is damaging our planet. I’ve recently learned that these industries contribute more to green house emissions than cars. Here are two articles you should read –

Which Is Worse for the Planet: Beef or Cars?

Eating a Burger or Driving a Car: Which Harms Planet More?https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/03/150311-cow-agriculture-cattle-dairy-beef-health-food-ngbooktalk/

We’ll that’s it for now. That’s simply my feelings today. I’m just joyful that I made this thru to the end as envisioned. Monday I’ll be gradually returning to food but what I eat will be even more specialized. More on that in my next blog.

One more thing – earlier in this latest writing, I mentioned how we’re bombarded by ads everyday from  “Drink your Milk everyday to get your Calcium” to the USDA nutrition guidelines that push Meats & Dairy. I will address that in another episode.