Juice Fast Results

Here I am about 30 days after my second Juice Fast of 2018. I’m Down to prize fighter weight for my height and feeling Tip Top. It hasn’t been easy and it’s taken restraint, discipline, and immense dedication.

More to it than just eating right and exercising. You have to develop routines, stay positive in mind and spirit and have belief in yourself.

Certainly these kinds of results are quite a bit easier if you’re in your 20s, 30s or even 40s. But beyond that, after 50 the fight to keep your muscle mass and your energy high is a hugely uphill battle. So I’m proud of where I am at this time. And hopefully, I’ll reach my next set of goals over the next 6 months which involves further refining, reducing my body fat index another 5 percent and just building more muscle.

You also need to  know what to stay away from, especially if you want to keep the doctor visits to a minimum or better yet, non existent. That’s precisely what I’ve been doing for 25 years now.

Here a small list of the Dos and Don’ts and a typical day in my life.


No Drugs period (Pharmaceutical, prescription, or street)
No Artificial Sweeteners like Aspertame, Saccharin (found in these sweetener packets Equal, Splenda, Sweet n Low, and found in most sugar free gum, most diet sodas, and a slew or packaged foods today)
No Chemical Additives or Preservatives (They are in most canned, bottled and prepared foods so go organic to prevent)
No Pesticides (pick your vegetables, fruits and meats organic so you’re less likely to ingest harmful pesticides)
No Antibiotics (that’s both in your own body and on the farms where you get your dairy and meats. Do your homework on the subject and look at natural alternatives to reduce your risks)
No Flouride (that means picking Flouride free toothpastes and filtering your tap water with a filter that removes this harmful chemical – Absolutely Criminal  that this in our water supplies)
No Vaccines (I know this is a controversial subject but if you do your homework you’ll discover some shocking realities about them)
No Microwave use (toss it out if you’ve got one and do your homework on the subject)
No Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc. etc.(If you’re following the Do’s & Don’ts lists you’ll likely discover less of an occurrence of headaches) Regardless, here are natural alternatives you should have everyday like garlic, turmeric, dark chocolate, Resveratrol read these articles https://chriskresser.com/4-natural-alternatives-to-aspirin/  and  https://www.healthline.com/
No Statins (those are the pharmaceuticals that supposedly thin your blood and help keep your Cholesterol low. Look at natural alternatives to reduce your risks. Here’s an example)

THE DOs Daily
Exercise Everyday – Be strict and don’t come up with excuses. Just get up early if you need to, go on a run near your home, head to a fitness center or gym or a location that’s nearby so you’re not spending so much time in transit. Spend an hour minimum between stretching and limbering up, aerobic and anaerobic exercises.
Sunshine Daily – Try to get at least 1 hour of sunshine on your face and body daily. This helps your body produce Vitamin D which is essential in keeping your immune system at optimal levels. 
Drink A Green Juice – See this post about juicing for some great suggestions for ingredients http://paoloswings.com/blog/jammin-juice-fast
Take supplements – like Vitamin C, CoQ10, Resveritrol, Tumeric, Echinacia, Goldenseal Root, and Probiotics to keep your digestive system optimal.
Blend in a Smoothie – or Eat 5 servings of organic fruits a day (eg. Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Apples, Oranges, Grapefruit, Mangos, and any of your favorites). Plus add A Raw Organic Protein Powder to your smoothies for extra benefits
Eat only one or two small Meals a Day – Your body does not need more if you’re getting the proper nutrients, minerals, vitamins.
Try to Eat primarily Vegetarian or Vegan meals – The fact is, you’re going to live a longer life if you’re on a plant based diet with minimal or no meat. You’ll also be helping to reduce the problems that are caused by the meat industries worldwide. Did you know that over 30% of all global warming gasses comes from the production of meat and the factory farming methods here and around the world.

More Do’s coming soon!

In the mean time read my previous post on Juice Fasting