Staying Fit in an unfit World

Staying healthy in a world that is increasingly becoming more toxic and with a mass media that serves mainly it’s corporate sponsors is quite the undertaking. Getting the truth is next to impossible especially if you’re relying on main stream media for your news. The fact is most of the media is clogged with powerful marketing and propaganda purposely designed to scare you into buying things you think you need. And these same corporations practically own our government and thus the health policies you see in your local towns and cities are likely formed by the pharmaceutical industry that simply wants you to buy more of their products. I’m speaking specifically of those concoctions championed by our “sick care” system from vaccines and antibiotics to statin drugs. Yes even something as simple sounding as aspirin or as innocuous as hand sanitizers can likely be dangerous to your health  (read about the compound triclosan in sanitizers)

So what is my blog about today? It’s about you taking control of your health, believing in yourself, trusting your body and listening to what it’s telling you. You can improve yourself, you can diagnose yourself, you can be the master of your own good health without the approval and validation of a doctor.

And if perhaps I can also be an inspiration to some of you, especially those of you who have vaccine concerns or questions, or issues with the use of antibiotics to treat your illnesses (as widely prescribed by doctors of today) and if I can help give you confidence you need to trust your own immune system and believe that you can survive without all the drugs, then awesome. That is why I’ve included a recent photo of myself at age 48, so you can see for yourself, I’m fit, have lots of energy, I feel great, I have good color and my skin has never been clearer. I don’t get headaches, I don’t have joint pain, and I haven’t had the need to see a doctor in over 20 years now. I credit this to a strict diet that’s 90% vegetarian and organic along with supplements and a very acute attention to what to watch out for and stay away from (see my previous blogs). It’s important to note that genes play a very small role in good health. It’s more about being proactive, and doing your own homework.  I’m grateful for my good health everyday, but it requires daily care and supreme vigilance.


When I came down with a strep throat (something I was systemically diagnosed with), I could have antibiotics prescribed and in my hands within 30 minutes of the first symptoms. That was the “benefit” of having a doctor in the family. This however led to a the following event – when I found myself lying in a sick ward in college, panicking because I wasn’t getting my drugs fast enough. “oh my god, help me, I’m losing my hearing, my eyesight is getting foggy” I would say. Fear was falling upon me, that if I didn’t get antibiotics fast, I might end up with permanent brain damage and never be the same. These were words that were ingrained into me by our health care system and my own family.

It didn’t take long that day for me to get that prescription for an antibiotic and I walked out of the ward perhaps moments after being shot in the ass with a booster of antibiotics. The fact it, I was so accustomed to getting that drug (for anything that remotely felt like a sore throat), that I didn’t think twice about whether my own immune system could do the job. Not until that drug was administered to me, would I allow myself to heal.

The fact is, my symptoms were often heavily exaggerated by my allergies and the colds were often brought on simply by my bad diet. Yes, there was certainly a mental aspect to why I was getting sick so often back then.


But today, 30 years later, I’m avoiding all forms of Antibiotics and I feel great knowing that when I get sick, (which is rare), my own immune system takes care of the job naturally. And of even greater note, I’ve been avoiding vaccines for over 30 years and I couldn’t be happier. I believe they are more harmful than helpful and that goes for all of them.

Here are a few significant products from our “sick care” system that I live without followed by the number of years off them. And I should note, I feel healthier than ever, I get sick almost never and when I do, it’s short lived.

Vaccines – 35 Years without (non taken since age 16)
Antibiotics – 20 Years without (non taken since 1997)
Hand Sanitizers – non ever used
Aspirin and Ibuprofen – 12 Years without (non taken since 2004).

Statin Drugs (e.g.. Lipitor, Fluvastatin, Crestor, etc. etc. ) – non ever used
Antacids – non ever used
Proton Pump Inhibitors (like Zantacs, Prilosec, Pepcid) – non ever used

Adderral, Ritalin (Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine are central nervous system stimulants that affect chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control) – non ever used
Doctor visits / Check ups – non since 1998

Most importantly, I must note that I’m very extreme in what I allow in my body, extreme at what I avoid. I’m comfortable in my own body and that is essential in staying healthy and not needing a sick care system. I don’t need a doctor nor a health practitioner telling me what I need to take or do. I’ve learned and studied natural health and healing and I believe that I know more about my own health and about my own body than any doctor could ever tell me from a diagnosis or a simple office visit.

If you’d like to find out more about my diets or just have a question about my philosophy on health, drop be an email at and I would love to share.


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