The following promotional photos may be used in your literature and online announcements if you are featuring us.

Swing Remix Paolo & Laurentina Showcasing their version of BuonaSera.


Backstage with Wynton Paolo & Gaby grab a shot with the artistic director during the Swing Era: Revolution in Rhythm show with JALCO



At The Rose Theater 2016 Paolo & Gaby dancing with The Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra



On Stage Umbria Jazz 2016 Paolo & Laurentina dancing with Ray Gelato & The Giants

Paolo-Laurentina-Umbria-Jazz-July-16,with Ray Gelato Giovanna Fronduti

On Stage Umbria Jazz 2016 Paolo & Laurentina dancing with Ray Gelato & The Giants. Photo by Giulio Fratticioli.


Pizza with Fantasia Paolo seen here with Fantasia and Laurentina.

Pizza with Fantasia

Umbria Jazz Festival Italy Paolo & Laurentina rehearse onstage with Ray Gelato & his Giants.


Umbria Jazz Festival Backstage with Ray Gelato at Umbria Jazz.


Dance Teacher to the Stars Paolo seen here with Fashion Designer Rebecca Taylor.

Taylor Made Moves










Feast of San Gennaro, Belmar  NJ
See link to Visit Monmouth Magazine article featuring photo.

Paolo & Lauren at Feast of San Gennaro Belmar 2012

Paolo & Lauren at Feast of San Gennaro Belmar 2012

Music Video “I Don’t Want Your Love”
Ric Mysterie (released Jan 23, 2013)
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Dancing in Music Video by Ric Mysterie. Myself & Partner Jennifer Jones Appear during the synchronized section at about 140sec. Was a blast fiming along with this fabulous group of talented dancers!


Project Runway Season 11
Filming for Season 11

Summer of 2012, I was filmed on the set of Project Runway as a dance teacher.

Paolo_ProjectRunway_Season11One of the challenges was to fashion up a group of adults who were taking my dance class. This scene appears in Season 11. Season 11 aired on JAN 24, 2012.

projectrunway_paoloonset2012on the set of Project Runway 2012

Saratoga RaceCourse  Paolo & Laurentina with Don Dwarkin and his band Reggie’s Red Hot Feetwarmers.


Rock That Swing Festival Paolo & Laurentina cutting a rug at the Late Night Party in Munich.

The Rhythm Stompers Paolo & Gaby lead 5 O’Clock Whistle on stage at JALC



Roberto Cifarelli Photography Paolo & Laurentina in Piazza IV Novembre durante UMBRIA JAZZ 2016



Wynton Marsalis Janice and Paolo join The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra for their “For Dancers Only Tour”

Paolo and Janice with Wynton Marsalis 2000

Paolo and Janice with Wynton Marsalis 2000

CRO Italy Tour  Paolo & Laurentina on tour with the City Rhythm Orchestra Perugia, Italy 2013


Taylor Made Moves article from Daily Front Row magazine featuring Rebecca Taylor and her Dance instructor Paolo Pasta Lanna.

Taylor Made Moves Article from Daily Front Row

Blues Buddha and Vincent Pastore (of The Soprano’s fame) at Big Pussy’s Gangster Squad Show in Asbury Park



Good Day New York (Fox 5) morning show. Maggie Moon and I with reporter Anne Craig.



Facebook Clip This segment “Anne About Town” featured moments from the Midsummer Night Swing stage. Aired July 21, 2009.

Facebook Clip This clip showcases several more of the dancers: Paolo, Maggie, Joe, Heidi, Sam, AJ. Woke up way too early to do this.


1st LOOKNY Life/StyleTelevision Central Park Swings interview


This segment was aired August 2008 and featured the Central Park Swings event that I’ve been hosting for 10 Years! see link


Televised Appearance from Lincoln Center
Tuesday June 19th 2007 Morning Show
Filmed at 7am for their 2007 season opening of Midsummer Night Swing. Click on photo


Televised Appearances from 1999 – 2000 Includes NBC Great Stuff and more.

News footage from back when I partnered with Janice Wilson. (click on photo)


Saratoga RaceCourse  Paolo & Laurentina during a summer of performances with Reggie’s Red Hot Feetwarmers.