LIVE Showcase with The Jive Aces


Collegiate Shag sampler at Swing Remix


Swing Highlights at The Fashion Gala


Collegiate Shag sampler at The Umbria Jazz Festival with Ray Gelato & The Giants


Performing with the Rhythm Stompers at Midsummer Night Swing 2015


Collegiate Shag at Swing Remix Paolo & Jenifer

Team Showcase of Rip It Up at Swing Remix


Dancing to Buona Sera at Swing Remix 2016


Dancing to Buona Sera at The Umbria Jazz Festival 2016 with Ray Gelato & The Giants


The Rhythm Stompers Dance to Sun Valley Jump at Swing Remix


Balboa Demo at Big Band First Fridays 2015 Ballroom in NYC


Swingin’ to Ray Gelato with dancers Paolo & Lollipop (released on June 7, 2013)


Swingin’ at The Hep Cats’ Holiday Paolo & Emily (released on March 21, 2017)


The Majestic Line Dance | Swing Remix
Choreographed by Paolo Pasta Lanna.


Diamond Dance Albany, NY


New Year’s 2008. This routine was inspired by the Dean Collin’s Shim Sham. Still one of our favorites. Long Island, NY.




Dancing to CARINA at The Umbria Jazz Festival Ray Gelato & The Giants


Dancing to Mala Femmina at The Umbria Jazz Festival Ray Gelato & The Giants


Having Fun at Dance Manhattan studios in NYC with Elaine Silver

Maggie Moon joins Paolo for this powerhouse routine of the Trankey Doo at Swing Remix


Swingin’ On Stage with Ray Gelato and The City Rhythm Orchestra


The Madison Line Dance | Al Brown’s version From The Definitive Madison Instructional | Dancers Paolo & Jennifer


Dance Showcase LIVE w/ Ray Gelato & the City Rhythm Orchestra


Balboa Demonstration at Swing Remix Dance April 21 2012 Lauren & Paolo dancers


Jam Circle at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing July 2011.  Dancers Paolo & Lauren, Mike & Katherine, Ben & Akemi, Richard & Megan.


Charleston Jazz Routine by Paolo and his Charleston Crew. Showcased at Pier 54 in NYC. Roughly based on the Tranky Doo. Dancers: Paolo Pasta Lanna, Shannon Chirone, Ben Rich, Elyse Sparkes, Akemi Kinukawa. Choreography Paolo

Dance Routine performed at the Hudson River Moondance 2007. Dancers Paolo & Laurentina


The Madison Time Line Dance | Ray Bryant version From The Definitive Madison Instructional | Dancers Paolo & Jennifer


Compilation from Saratoga Springs Diamond Dance May 2012


Special Effects Balboa & Lindy Hop (filmed 2003)


Dance Routine performed at Swing Remix March 19, 2011.  Dancers Emily & Paolo. Choreography Paolo


I recently appeared in the Music Video by Ric Mysterie. Myself and Partner Jennifer Jones Appear during the synchronized section at about 140sec. Was a blast fiming along with this fabulous group of talented dancers! Music Video “I Don’t Want Your Love” Ric Mysterie (released Jan 23, 2013)