Swing Intro Instructional DVD

Swing Intro+ COMPLETE 2pg cover 2013

Our Comprehensive Starter Kit for Swing Dancers

Material in this DVD is our comprehensive starter kit for Swing Dancers. It’s our Beach Style video that was filmed on the Boardwalk of Asbury Park, NJ. It’s ideal for those who want to learn the basics of Swing and increase their vocabulary of material. It also includes important lead follow techniques. Features dancers/instructors Paolo Pasta Lanna and Lauren Bova. Complete with dance demonstrations as well as a break downs of the moves.

Chapters include:
Partnering Techniques (Embrace, Connection Exercises, 6-Count Footwork, Wend Out and Return, Sling Shot & J-Hook)
Basic Passes (RT & LF Side, Waist Wraps, Over Rotate 360 Variation)
Tuck Turns (From closed and open, Turbo Tuck and Combinations)
Swivel Styling (Swivel Footwork, Sequences, Around The World)
Sugar Pushes (6-Count Sugar Push, Quick Quick Swivel, The Basket)
More Passes (Yo Yo’s, Back Door Pass, Duck Under, Kick Ball Change)
and more!

The Swing Intro DVD is the FULL VERSION
released in OCT 2013

DVD length 65 minutes

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