The Definite Madison Time line dance instructional DVD


This is the most comprehensive DVD Video Instructional on the Madison Line Dances. Featuring Dancers Paolo “P Lindy” Lanna and Jennifer Comar demonstrating and teaching. Bonus footage includes an interview with a committee member from the Buddy Deane Show. “After years of research which involved trips to Baltimore and interviews with former Madison Dancers, we have finally uncovered all the original footwork and steps from two of the most popular Madisons ever recorded.” quotes Paolo.

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Click photo for a preview of The Definitive Madison Dance Instructional DVD.

This DVD features:

  •  Two of the most popular Madison Line Dances ever recorded.
  • The Madison Time (Ray Bryant version)
  • The Madison (Al Brown version)
  • Demonstrations of the line dances and a break down of each step.
  • Partner version of the Madison
  • Interview with Linda Snyder, one of the original dancers from the Buddy Dean Show (which aired in Baltimore late 1950’s and early 1960’s)
  • History of the Madison