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Aids Not a death sentence at Tri-State Healing Center

Will history repeat itself? This story has immense relevancy today. Life changing studies using alternative methods that saved AIDS patients were never given headline stories in our mass media. Instead, they were ignored, censored, discredited, shunned by our mass media. Why? Was it because natural and non-toxic solutions embarrass conventional medical paradigms and cut into

Former Sales Rep for Merck & Co.

Brandy Vaughan is a former sales rep for Merck & Co. – a vaccine maker – and she details how vaccine companies are using vaccines as a vehicle for massive profit and not public health. Brandy researched the safety of vaccines and found that not only do vaccines contain known toxins that can cause neurological

Tricks, Dips & Patterns Recap FEB 2019

Here is our recap of the material from our Tricks, Dips & Patterns workshop FEB 10th, 2019 at YSBD studios.

LIVE on stage with The Jive Aces Sometimes things just fall in your laps and sometimes things are a result of doing proactive things that open the doors for potential opportunities. This show was the result of one of those proactive moments. Here is a clip from one of our recently featured moments with The Jive Aces from England! This show was

BK LIVE Television

It was a great thrill to be featured on BK LIVE television. See the video highlights here.