Balboa & Collegiate Shag TASTER

Swing Intro+ COMPLETE 2pg cover 2013

Balboa & Collegiate Shag Taster

The Balboa & Collegiate Shag Taster features material from our Midsummer Night Swing 2015 Lesson plus lots of bonus steps that were not shown on stage. DVD is 25 minutes in length. This DVD was released July 2015.

This collection is a basic sampling of the partner dance styles BALBOA and COLLEGIATE SHAG. It’s a great starter video for those new to these dancers or those that need a refresher on the basics.


  • Basic Footwork
  • Connection
  • Ins and Outs
  • Come Around Toss Out
  • Lollys


  • Basic Footwork
  • Positioning
  • Turn to Open
  • Return to Closed
  • 6-Count Passes
  • Side By Side Positions
  • Camel Walks
  • Break Away
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